Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15, Verse 15.6 in Sanskrit, Hindi, English

Here is the Sanskrit anuvad, Hindi anuvad, and English translation of Purushottama Yoga Chapter 15, Verse 15.6.

Bhagavad Gita


न तद्भासयते सूर्यो न शशाङ्को न पावकः । यद्गत्वा न निवर्तन्ते तद्धाम परमं मम ॥ १५.६ ॥


जिस परम पद को प्राप्त होकर मनुष्य लौट कर संसार में नहीं आते, उस स्वयं प्रकाश परम पद को न सूर्य प्रकाशित कर सकता है, न चन्द्रमा और न अग्नि ही ; वही मेरा परम धाम है ।


That place upon which the sun cannot cast its glorious radiance, where the moon can shed no light, and where no fire, burns is what is known as My Supreme Abode. Here only the radiant light of My Eternal Glory shines. Those who reach this sacred destination, never return to suffer in this world again O Arjuna.

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