Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15, Verse 15.9 in Sanskrit, Hindi, English

Here is the Sanskrit anuvad, Hindi anuvad, and English translation of Purushottama Yoga Chapter 15, Verse 15.9.

Bhagavad Gita


श्रोत्रं चक्षुः स्पर्शनं च रसनं घ्राणमेव च । अधिष्ठाय मनश्चायं विषयानुपसेवते ॥ १५.९ ॥


यह जीवात्मा श्रोत्र, चक्षु और त्वचा को तथा रसना, घ्राण और मन को आश्रय करके ——अर्थात् इन सब के सहारे से ही विषयों का सेवन करता है ।


Therefore, O Arjuna, after I enter the body of a particular being in this world, as its soul, I bestow upon this being its five senses namely, its eyesight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, as well as its mind and furthermore it is because of Me that these senses function and stay operable. Thus, a being is able to experience the various objects in this world through his senses.

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