Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5, Verse 5.6 in Sanskrit, Hindi, English

Here is the Sanskrit anuvad, Hindi anuvad, and English translation of Atma-Samyama Yoga Chapter 5, Verse 5.6.

Bhagavad Gita


संन्यासस्तु महाबाहो दुःखमाप्तुमयोगतः । योगयुक्तो मुनिर्ब्रह्म नचिरेणाधिगच्छति ॥ ५.६ ॥


परन्तु हे अर्जुन ! कर्मयोगके बिना संन्यास अर्थात् मन, इन्द्रिय और शरीरद्वारा होनेवाले सम्पूर्ण कर्मोंमें कर्तापनका त्याग प्राप्त होना कठिन है और भगवत्स्वरूपको मनन करनेवाला कर्मयोगी परब्रह्म परमात्माको शीघ्र ही प्राप्त हो जाता है|


The Blessed Lord spoke in His Divine voice:O my dear Arjuna, in order for one to achieve Sannyaas, he must practise Karmyoga (doing Karma or actions without attachment or desire to see the results of those actions). If one is successful in performing Karmyoga (that is Karma without attachment to results), he shall realize God very quickly.

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